How busy is your school before 530pm? What if the busiest time in you school could be between 3pm and 5:30pm?

What if you had a community that gave you ready made class planners, taught you how to plan classes that develop real skills in your students,  and allowed you to double or even triple the amount of youth students you have in a year?   With KidsBJJRevolution we make it easy for you to create a world class youth program.  Here is what you get:

James Puopolo

The mentorship and resources I have received from Professor Korbett have had an immediate and measurable impact on my academy, especially my kids program. I could not recommend his Kids Revolution program more. One concept that is particularly beneficial is his on-command teaching system. A game changing investment for sure.

James Puopolo IBJJF No Gi World Champion, Current Silver Medalist in Gi, Masters in Ed. from Williamette University
  • Onramp

    This is a special section that will give you and your staff the basics of how to adapt your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to the 7 – 12 age bracket.

  • Curriculum

    We are starting off with an entire year of  curriculum and will be constantly adding more curriculum.  We have plans to introduce a pre-school age program withing the three months.

  • Lifeskills Curriculum

    Complete with mat chats and assignments specific for the BJJ Community.  This turn key program will add a ton of value to your program right away!

  • Business Systems

    This section will help you to understand the differences between your adult market and how to present your program effectively so that you will be able to compete and win against the karate school down the street.

  • Unlimited Support

    Korbett Miller has been running his school uninterrupted for the last 20 years,  18 of those years in the same exact location.  He has written for almost every trade journal in the martial arts industry.  If you ever have a question just drop us a line and we will answer it for you. We are here to help you build and grow your programs.

These rates are our pioneer rates.  We will accepting 1 school from each state with our pioneer rates.  January 1st, 2017 all the pioneer rates go away for new school owners.  We will honor the pioneer rates for one year from when you register. We will also have a 7 mile exclusivity for school owners within the same city. Over the next 6 months we will be building out much more content.

  • 2 years of done for you class planners.
  • 10 more fun and interactive drills to build skill.
  • Low cost/no cost marketing campaigns.
  • System to retain students at high levels.  My schools quit rate is 3%.
  • Specialty programs for retaining students during the summer months.
  • Additional life skills assignments centered around academic school performance.
  • Facebook ads, special events, competition team training, whiteboard videos, how to ethically recruit parent/kids and kids/parents in your program, email campaigns and lots more.
  • 4-7 year old curriculum 1 year of class planners.

These rates will be good for the next year.   Once the state spot is taken then that's it for the Pioneer Rate.

January 1st, 2017 the pioneer rate goes away and the cost of the community will be $199, with a $400 initiation and setup fee.

One of the biggest benefits of this program is that we are creating a tribe of school owners interested in elevating the level of instruction and professionalism in our programs.

Each month we will host a free Webinar about different topics.  There will be a Q and A session as well to help you implement your program in your school.


Yearly Save Nearly $400

You get a membership to our curriculum site , lifeskills assignement, onramp program, private Facebook community to share ideas and our systems for youth BJJ success.

You get a membership to our curriculum site , lifeskills assignement, onramp program, private Facebook community to share ideas and our systems for youth BJJ success. With the yearly option there are no refunds.