Little Grapplers Control #2

Warm Ups (0-5 min)


Croc/Worm Pull

Frog Hop/Orang

Crab Crawl/

Crane Hop Right/Twirl

Crane Hop Left/Twirl

One Legged Balance Drill (6-12 min)

Balance while standing on one leg is important to not just doing some throws but also so you are not swept.  This is a fun drill that works on the kids balance.  Some kids will have a challenging just holding up one leg.  You can stand behind that kids and help hold the shoulders to maintain balance.

Double Up Kick (13 -18 min)

This simple skills can give the kids confidence on the back.  You should also scale this for your more advanced students so that they can practice not just their upkick but also the standup as well.

Force Breakfall Drill (19-24 min)

This is a really fun drill that you can do with the kids.  Another version of this if you see a student using exceptional control they could be the "Jedi" for the day.

Hold Down Game (25-30 min)

With this drill make sure that there is a emphasis on safety.  Here are some tips.

  • Keep kids on hands and knees, crawling on feet and hands is too quick.
  • Caution the kids about cutting quickly left and right.
  • You should go first before you have the other kids come out.
Lifeskills Portal

This button will open the Lifeskills Portal in a new window.  You should choose your mat chat before your class starts. (35-40 min)