Little Grapplers Control #1

Warm Ups (0-5 min)


Croc/Worm Pull

Frog Hop/Orang

Crab Crawl/

Crane Hop Right/Twirl

Crane Hop Left/Twirl

Knee Ride Paper Plate Drill  (6-12 min)

This is a drill the teaches the mechanics of the knee ride.

The first step is to make it a "switch" game with moving between all the pads or plates

Second step is to make the kids once in the knee ride move in  circle the command should be "spin one time".

Third step is to make it like musical chairs when you take away one of the plates each time they swtich.

Tips.  Make sure the kids are crab crawling forward, be careful of student colliding as they switch.

Self Defense Slow/Fast/ Slow or  Fast (13 -18 min)

You can do this with any technique from the self-defense curriculum.

Slow the students will do the technique without knowing when the instructor will grab them.

Fast the students do the same drill setup but know they do the technical skill quickly.

Choice:  The instructor will say fast or slow depending on what they want from the student.

Tips:  Make sure that you have plenty of space when you are doing this drill.  Make sure to talk while you are moving around the circle.  Include the command structure in your talk " who is going to do the bearhug escape, hands, ankle, lift".  Keep talking as you are going between the students.

Switch Game (19-24 min)

Its really important to make sure that you can switch with your partners when you are doing a Jiu-Jitsu drill.  This is a simple drill that teaches the student not to push, find a partner quickly, how to lose gracefully and is really fun.

Switch Game from Charles Miller on Vimeo.

Breakfall Slap Game (25-30 min)

This is a drill the helps the students to practice their break-falls while having fun.  Its a great way to cap off the class.

Tips: Make sure kids to do post on their arms, do not let the kids start too close, make sure the kids have their hands separated so they do not get hit in the face.

breakfall game from Charles Miller on Vimeo.

Lifeskills Portal

This button will open the Lifeskills Portal in a new window.  You should choose your mat chat before your class starts. (35-40 min)