Little Grapplers Discipline Class #2

Warm Ups (0-5 min)


Croc/Worm Pull

Frog Hop/Orang

Crab Crawl/

Crane Hop Right/Twirl

Crane Hop Left/Twirl

Crazy Horse (6 -11 min)

The discipline part about this exercise the waiting without complaining part....patience.

Red Belt Green Belt (12 -17 min)

Simple little "old school" gym game that can help your youth students with listening and discipline.

One Word Commands (18 to 23min)

Discipline is when we have order and control over our bodies.  This exercise teaches the students how to keep focus and where and how to sit, kneel and stand.

Slow and Fast Self Defense  (24 to 29 min)

This self-defense training is giving you the opportunity to work on the students discipline by doing techniques either fast or slow.

Lifeskills Portal

This button will open the Lifeskills Portal in a new window.  You should choose your mat chat before your class starts.