Little Grapplers Focus Class #2

Warm Ups (0-5 min)

Frog Hop Shots (0 to 5 min)

This is great way of getting the kids warmed up, and priming their shots.  Changing levels and shooting through the legs.

Duck and Shoot L.G. (6 to 11 min)


In this part of the curriculum they are working on their ability to see an object, focus their attention, and do an evasive drop "duck".


Duck and Shoot Noodle Swing (12 to 17 min)


This is where you get to have the kids starting to have fun.  Remember as with any line, circle formation you encourage the students to have "focus the fun" .  Use this idea into having the student earning a turn by having good "focus".

Duck Shoot Takedown (18 to 23 min)

In this part of the drill make sure the student to the take down on the instructors.  Make it something that is fun.

Dead Bug Drill  (remainder of class)

Do this drill and do it standing.  Do not have the kids fall, they way they get "free" is they shoot a double the does not take them down to the ground.  The way the "dead bug" signals is they hold both hands up over head.

Dead Bug Drill from Charles Miller on Vimeo.

Lifeskills Portal

This button will open the Lifeskills Portal in a new window.  You should choose your mat chat before your class starts.