Little Grapplers Guard Class #2

Warm Ups (0-5 min)


Croc/Worm Pull

Frog Hop/Orang

Crab Crawl/

Crane Hop Right/Twirl

Crane Hop Left/Twirl

Simple Sweep F.L. (6 to 11 min)


Simple Sweep- On instructors (11 -14 min)

On the lines, you walk toward them, be careful not to fall on the lower sweeping leg.

Simple Sweep - W. ith Partners (15-23 min)

Line the kids up and have them walk toward the partner, when they have them in the right position the do the sweep.

They can switch with thier partners and do this with the eyes closed,  the kids doing the sweep that is.

Suggested ending game-Switch Game  (23-28 min)

This drill develops the ability to quickly find another partner while you are training.

Lifeskills Portal

This button will open the Lifeskills Portal in a new window.  You should choose your mat chat before your class starts. (35-40 min)