Little Grapplers Teamwork #2

Warm Ups (0-5 min)


Croc/Worm Pull

Frog Hop/Orang

Crab Crawl/

Crane Hop Right/Twirl

Crane Hop Left/Twirl

Throw Relay (6 to 11 min)

This exercise is a fun way of the students working on their teamwork skills and doing BJJ at the same time.

Remember that you could vary the throw they are working on. (single leg, double leg)

Arm Pull Breakfall Drill  (12 to 17 min)

This exercise will help the students create a better foundation for their side breakfalls.  This drill will also help the students learn to work with their partners without injuring them.

Breakfall Slap Game  (18 to 23 min)

This is another breakfall drill that will help the student again remember to cooperate and also follow rules of doing an exercise.  Here are some safety tips.

  • Make sure students do not brace their arm behind them.
  • Space the pads away enough so they do not have remote chance of them hitting their heads.

Swtich Game (24 to 30 min)

This is a fun exercise at the end of class where the students get a chance to work on finding another partner to put their hands up to.  Being able to switch partners with another student is really important.

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