How to improve your quit rate and build massive good will.

Learn how to head off quitters before they come to your front desk!

Welcome to the Quit Window Program

Here is the idea behind the quit window and how to dramatically lower the rate when students quit.

Ignition Coaching

Passions are caught, not taught.  Its our job to make sure that we are doing our best to create an environment where student become passionate about Jiu-jitsu.  If we do not, we will always be facing an uphill battle with everything that can take a student away from training.  Get a fire ignited about Jiu-jitsu and they are a student for life.



Highest and Best Use of Your Time

We speak about leverage in Jiu-jitsu all the time.  Well there are levers when it comes to your retention of your students in your program.  The quit window is one of those levers.  This allows you to keep students longer in your program by building massive good will with your families.


Mechanics of the Quit Window

Here is how I teach you what to say and how to say it. In this simple private class you will reignite the student and re-build good will with your families.


  • Planners for the Quit Window
    Planners for the Quit Window

    In this PDF you will have how to calculate your quit window. You will also have a monthly planner of who you did a lesson with and what was the outcome.